Tofu from scratch, Homemade


There’s nothing like creamy yet firm homemade T O F U . The taste and texture is untouched. Forget that flubbery store-bought stuff. This is a rich flavor minus preservatives and added ingredients of mass-produced tofu. Every block is made with two hands, attention, and love!

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Protein-rich tofu is a staple in many cultures and often made fresh in  many countries. Radical Rabbit has been working on taking centuries-old techniques to create a yummy and highly flavorful block of tofu, created right in our kitchen. You will notice the full-flavor, just by taking a bite straight form the package. When cooked, homemade tofu taste incredibly delectable. It’lll be hard to go back to store-bought!

Yeah, maybe store-bought tofu can suffice for many recipes but homemade tofu is the Lebron of the game. Liven up recipes with this robust flavor.

Homemade tofu lacks the preservatives and extra ingredients that mass-producers use to create the perfect texture. This creates a rich and decadent flavor yearned for by many top chefs. You can have this in your own home, for only $5.



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