Little Prince and Princess Tea Party


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Mid-Summer, my daughter came to me and said that she wished she had the same features of Princess’s that she sees most commonly; blonde-straight hair. I would’ve never thought to have need to assure her confidence in her own beauty at such a young age. Her age seemed too young (3 years old) to tell her that black is beautiful, even if it isn’t shown on media. Beauty comes in all forms! So, the Radical Rabbit Little Prince and Princess tea party should bring together Nashville’s young royalty and show them how beauty runs though all of us.


So let’s have some fun, sip some tea, wear our royal throbes, crowns, and of course, eat some delicous food, curated for this special event! Grab your kids, nieces, nephews, and tell them they’re going to a royal ball/tea party/feast 😉 !


Sept 29

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1 Adult (18 yr+), 1 Child (12-17 yrs old), 1 Child (1-11 yrs old)


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