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Soul food Sunday dinners will have you ready for next Sunday’s meals! I have veganized generations of family recipes. We’ve got mama’s mac and cheese, grandmamma’s greens, aunty’s yams and more. Order Sunday dinner today.




Feesh Fry

Cauli Wings (Hot/BBQ)

Fried Jackfruit (Saucy Cajun, Lemon Pepper, Plain)

–SIDES (choose 2):

Potato Salad


Spaghetti w/meat crumbles

Black-eyed peas

Always included: Cornbread



Choose the food item you want from the first drop down box (it has main and side dishes included) then add to your cart. Keep adding as many items to the cart as you’d like on your plates. Please note that main dishes such as RadRibz do not automatically come with sides, you have to add your sides to the cart as well. Check out when finished and receive an email after ordering and on Sunday before 12PM with further detail. Call/text (865)214-7116 with questions!—————————————————————————

Please note any order preferences in the check out notes.

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Every week, Radical Rabbit delivers food to 3 pickup points in Nashville during dinner.

My favorite dinner memory dates back to childhood when I would eat Sunday dinner with family, which was cooked by my mom. Sunday dinner was usually the same, an amazing soul food spread; collard greens, mac and cheese, and some type of animal. After going vegan, I knew that turning those food into plant-based was necessary. Now, I’m sharing my mama’s, grandmamma, and aunty’s recipes with you, veganized and prepared with the same love as they did. Each plate is a mixture of southern and soulful vegan food.

This food is seasoned well, plant-based, healthy, and nutritious.




Limited orders taken – please order by 10am.

Orders delivered beginning at 11am to 3 different pickup locations in Nashville.


DELIVERY IS INCLUDED with every order to a location near you (north, south, east, west Nash).

Please set any additional order preferences in product notes in checkout

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All Food Options

Feesh Fry Sandwich, Cajun Fried Jackfruit (6), Plain Fried Jackfruit (6), Rad Ribz, Tempeh Ribz (gf), Loaded Nachos, BBQ Cauli Wings, Hot Cauli Wings, Mac and Cheeze, Yams, Greens, Waffle half, Pinto Beans, Green Bean Casserole, Mashed Cauliflower and Gravy, —, French Toast, Butter Biscuit, Scrambled Ackee, Soul Scramble (Tofu), Maple &Sage V Sausage, Loaded Potatoes, Fried Apples, Stacked Fries Side (gf)

April 28 Menu


6 reviews for Lunch Delivery & Pickup with Radical Rabbit

  1. Judy Huckaby (verified owner)

    Delicious! The greens were perfect & would have sworn I was eating chicken! Everything was yummy!

    • muvatofu

      Judy, hello! Thank you SO VERY MUCH!
      Glad you enjoyed your meal. We would love to see you again next week!

  2. Melissa

    Not a fan of greens and these went down like candy! So freaking delicious. The lentil loaf tasted like more. Can’t wait to order again. Thanks Mariah! 😍

    • muvatofu

      Thanks so much Melissa !!!!😀😀😃

  3. kimberly (verified owner)

    Oh my god-soooo Good! I have tried the cajun spiced Jackfruit, greens, mac-n-chz, ribs, & fried shrimp. It was all very good, but I must give special props to the ribs and the mac-n-chz, I have no idea what she does to make the ribs so friggin’ good, but my life is better having tried them. (I’m kind of joking, but not really..ha) If those ribs had bones, I could have passed them off as pork ribs from Memphis, to my carnivorous friends. A-MA-ZING! The mac-n-chz was the very best I’ve tried, and I’m pretty sure I’ve tried everybody’s…… It was flavorful, creamy cheesaliciousness!
    I almost gave 4 stars, not because of the food, as that grub is 5 star all the way, but just because of the confusing way you actually get your food. I was wondering for a second, if it was a weird scam or something. It initially felt shady, waiting for my dinner in the parking lot of a school, with no specific instructions & a disclaimer that pick up times can vary, but no further instructions. BUT! It’s not a scam. The food was delicious. The pick up went down timely. Everything was perfect & exactly what I ordered, with zero mistakes. AND she gave me a free chocolate cupcake, so I feel like that’s enough extra credit to give the 5th star.
    (The cupcake was awesome too, btw, & I usually don’t even really care that much for cupcakes)
    Amaze-balls food; Totally legit business; I highly recommend getting your Sunday dinners here; I will be ordering again-often; You gotta try the ribs with macaroni & cheese.


    • muvatofu

      Kim, thank you so much for the positivity, love, and feedback, you don’t know what this means!

  4. daneshiawalker (verified owner)

    OH! MY! GOD!

    LISTEN! I don’t know how you did it but this food is amazing!
    I’m new to the vegan game and my aunt is eight months in. I purchased two plates for us just to try something different and baby, it was worth the wait and EVERY penny!
    Thank you and keep doing what you’re doing… WE WILL BE BACK!

    • muvatofu

      Thank you SO much Daneshia! Really glad that you ordered and enjoyed the food.

  5. Lokachiran (verified owner)

    Thank You! You saved Thanksgiving for us! The food was delicious and my children didn’t feel like they were missing out.
    Can’t wait to come back to the area again. 🤗

    • muvatofu

      So glad to hear that you had a great Thanksgiving !!!

  6. Audery Ewing

    I have heard people talking about you all have said that it’s seen like a place that I would want to try out

    • muvatofu

      Please do, we’d love for you to try our food.

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